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Coolsculpting Cost Breakdown for Effective Fat Loss in Miami, Florida

FDA-approved CoolSculpting can help you remove stubborn bulges of fat from various areas of your body. Do you want a slimmer belly, legs, arms or jawline? Simply schedule an appointment for a CoolSculpting session, and that new streamlined body could be yours.CoolSculpting is a body contouring technique that kills fat cells by freezing them with a process known as cryolysis (also known as lipocryolysis or cryolipolysis). Initially developed by two doctors from Massachusetts, CoolSculpting exposes your fat cells to freezing temperatures, which effectively kills them off. The cold temperatures don’t affect the surrounding tissues, only your fat cells, making CoolSculpting excellent for fat loss and body contouring. Keep in mind that CoolSculpting is not designed for weight loss. In fact, people who are ideal candidates for CoolSculpting tend to be within 20 pounds of their ideal weight. Instead, the treatments are proven to work for removing stubborn pockets of fat that don’t respond to traditional diet and exercise.  However, CoolSculpting is not for everyone. That is why a complimentary consultation is required so that you can be thoroughly assessed before a customized treatment plan is developed just for you.  The great thing about CoolSculpting is that it is entirely affordable compared to other weight loss methods like liposuction. Unlike liposuction, there are no incisions or anesthesia necessary. Instead, the procedure is non-invasive, making it ideal for anyone who wants a body they can be proud of, as long as they qualify. Want to know how much CoolSculpting costs before you commit to scheduling an appointment? Here is a breakdown of the cost of CoolSculpting so you can be fully informed before booking your initial consultation.  Cool Med Spa Miami CoolSculpting Cos

How Much Does CoolSculpting Cost?

The price of CoolSculpting varies from patient to patient. The costs are dependent on the size of the treatment area, your fat loss goals, and the terms established in your customized treatment plan.  At Cool MedSpa Miami, we do our best to keep your costs low. After all, getting the body you’ve always wanted shouldn’t have to break the bank. As a general guideline, the area you want to be treated greatly affects the cost. The smaller the area, the lower the price, and vice versa. If you are treating more than one surface area, that can also increase the costs somewhat.  The cost will also depend on how much fat you want to lose, as your CoolSculpting professional may recommend additional sessions until your body objectives are achieved.  The cost can also be affected by the geographical area. While we try not to give out prices right away, since your costs may vary, we can look to the national average. From coast to coast, the average cost of a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan tends to be between $2,000 to $4,000.  You will know more about your specific charges after being assessed and receiving a customized CoolSculpting treatment plan. Don’t forget to ask about discounts, financing, and payment plans during your first appointment.  

What Does a Session Consist Of?

During a typical CoolSculpting session, specialized applicators are used for each specific treatment area. You will feel a vacuum sensation as the cooling technology goes to work. Side effects are rare but can include tingling or slight discomfort at the treatment area, but these effects usually subside quickly.  A single session can see you treating several areas at once, but this will depend on your current health status, fat loss goals, and the recommendations established by your CoolSculpting professional.  While your fat cells will be frozen during your typical session, you won’t notice the full results of the procedure for a couple of months. That is because the fat cells continue to die, whereby they get flushed from your system over time. That means you should continue to see stellar results from your CoolSculpting procedures as time ticks by, making CoolSculpting a fat loss technique that continues to deliver. 

CoolSculpting Cost for Enviable Arms

Do you have stubborn pockets of fat on your arms? Some people refer to these as “bingo wings.” CoolSculpting can get rid of them. Smaller areas of your arm cost around $650 per CoolSculpting treatment. Keep in mind that both arms will usually be treated, making the cost $1,300 in total.  Arm Coolsculpting is usually fast, with the average treatment time taking about 35 minutes. The good news is that a single session is all it takes in most cases to get arms you can be proud of. 

The Cost of CoolSculpting for Excess Belly Fat

Coolsculpting for the stomach is one of the most common treatment areas. We see patients all the time asking about the pesky fat on their stomachs and love handles. The reason is obvious. Belly fat is downright hard to lose, particularly for older people and women who have given birth.  The average cost of CoolSculpting for the stomach area tends to be around $1,500 per session, with most providers recommending two or more treatments for best results.  You can expect belly treatments to last between 35 and 60 minutes. While the results are permanent, many people choose to schedule additional treatment sessions to remove even more fat cells. 

CoolSculpting Cost for Slimmer Legs & Thighs

Jiggly thighs bring many people into our CoolSculpting clinic. Costs for this treatment depend on which part of the legs you wish to treat. Outer thigh treatments cost more than inner thigh treatments, in most cases. Treating the outer thigh can cost around $1,500 while the inner thigh is cheaper at $750. Treating both legs can cost approximately $4,000 or more.  You can expect to spend around 35 minutes on your thigh Coolsculpting sessions, with most professionals recommending only a single treatment for best results.  The Cost of CoolSculpting for a Slimmer Jawline If you have a double chin or jiggly neck, sometimes called a “turkey neck,” you will be pleased to know that Cool MedSpa Miami can treat your neck and jawline with CoolSculpting.  The average cost for a neck and chin treatment is around $1,400, with each session lasting about 35 minutes.  Consider that cost when compared to chin tuck surgery, which can cost as much as $30,000. With CoolSculpting, since there’s no surgery or anesthesiologist required, you get to save as you get a neck and chin to die for.

The Cost of Buttocks CoolSculpting for a Slimmer Backside

Many patients want to remove stubborn fat from their buttocks. CoolSculpting can be used on the backside with excellent results. On average, it costs around $750 to treat the butt area with CoolSculpting per side. That means you can probably expect to pay around $1,500 for both sides to be treated.  You can expect CoolSculpting for the buttocks to take around two hours, an hour for each side. 

How is the Cost of CoolSculpting Calculated?

CoolSculpting is a state-of-the-art medical procedure. Not only is the equipment expensive, but there are consumable products that must be used, which increases the costs exponentially for CoolSculpting clinics across the country.  For instance, a CoolSculpting machine can cost upwards of $75,000 or more. On top of that, the machine uses disposable cards that cost between $125 and $275. Every time a body area is treated, one of those cards is used, which adds to the cost.  The machine also uses applicators for each area of the body. Miami MedSpa is one of the only CoolSculpting providers in the Miami area with all applicators, which means that we can treat your entire body. The more applicators that are used, the higher the cost.  When you consider that the average patient is recommended to have four to six treatments, you can see how operating the machine would be costly. Those charges are passed along to the consumer, but we do our best to keep the costs as low as possible.  The equipment along with the applicators necessitate charging higher fees than some customers are accustomed to for fat loss. However, unlike fad diets and exercise plans, CoolSculpting is permanent, which means that your money will be well spent once your goals are achieved. 

Diet & Exercise Plans and CoolSculpting – What’s the Difference?

When contemplating a procedure like CoolSculpting, many people weigh the cost against other well-known diets and exercise plans. They may wonder if maybe going Keto or spending their money on some costly dietary fad might be better than getting their fat cells frozen with CoolSculpting.  Once again, CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss technique and shouldn’t be used as such. Instead, it is a body contouring procedure that is designed for those last pockets of fat that remain on your problem areas.  With diets and exercise, you still lose weight, but your fat cells shrink. Overeating and failing to exercise can cause those fat cells to inflate once more, which puts you right back where you started. This is the so-called yo-yo effect that so many people experience when engaging in crash diets and kick-your-butt workout routines.  CoolSculpting is different. Once you freeze the fat, the fat cells don’t shrink. Instead, they die, and they then become flushed from your system over time. Once those fat cells are gone, they stay gone. That makes CoolSculpting the best bang for your buck body contouring treatment when that fat won’t budge with other conventional methods. 

Cost of CoolSculpting vs. Cost of Liposuction

CoolSculpting and liposuction are two entirely different procedures. Liposuction is a surgery that requires an anesthesiologist to put you under while a surgeon sucks out the fat with a vacuum-like apparatus. There is healing involved, as well as downtime, and the procedure can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.  CoolSculpting, on the other hand, doesn’t require surgery at all. There is no surgeon involved, nor is there an anesthesiologist. The procedure is non-invasive and takes around an hour per session, on average, which means that a single session can be completed on your lunch break. Since there is no downtime, you can resume your regular activities immediately after your CoolSculpting appointments. When you consider that the results are just as permanent as liposuction, CoolSculpting becomes the more attractive option for many. Keep in mind that some patients have more fat that would respond better to liposuction than CoolSculpting. While liposuction can help you lose fat, CoolSculpting is more designed as a body contouring procedure. So, if you are more or less at your ideal weight and you simply need a little slimming here and there, lower-cost CoolSculpting is likely for you. 

Is CoolSculpting Covered by Insurance?

Since this fat loss treatment is considered cosmetic in nature, many insurance companies don’t feel the procedure is necessary enough to warrant coverage. Ask your CoolSculpting provider about discounts and payment plans that can help you offset the cost of treatment. 

Is a CoolSculpting Consultation Necessary?

Some people want to know if they can jump to the first session instead of attending a complimentary consultation. The answer is no, unfortunately. The first appointment with a CoolSculpting professional will allow for a thorough assessment and customized treatment plan, which is necessary if you wish to achieve your body shaping goals. During the consultation, you will also get a tour of our Cool MedSpa Miami facilities, and we can discuss your goals in detail before finding out if you are a good candidate for the CoolSculpting procedure. Following the initial meeting, you will receive a tailor-made plan that will help you slim down using the power of fat-freezing technology.

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If you are ready to give this fantastic fat loss technology a try, schedule your appointment today. You can lose that stubborn adipose tissue that has gathered around your love handles, on your belly, and along your hips and thighs. You can slim down your arms, your jawline, and your buttocks, too. With short sessions and affordable prices compared to other fat loss methods, you owe it to yourself to book your first appointment with our experienced CoolSculpting professionals. Your new body awaits.
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